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Guide to Spinal Disorders

A Guide to Spinal Disorders

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MRI Scan A: Normal Spinal canal B: Narrowed canal (compressed nerves)

Your general practitioner, or an allied healthcare worker, will have suggested that you come and see me for a consultation.

This is a formal process. It is very important that you understand that we start with a blank sheet of paper. You may have been given all manner of information about your spinal condition. You may have had other opinions. You may even have browsed the Internet. Whereas I will listen to the opinions expressed by others with interest, the most important feature of my assessment of your problem - my OPINION - is that it is a personal one, based on my particular knowledge and experience. I have seen over 1000 new patients a year with spinal disorders for over 20 years. There is very little that I have not encountered before.