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Post Operative Care

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When you get home

  • Personal support: if you can, arrange for someone to be around for the first 1 or 2 weeks after your surgery. Alternatively you may prefer to organise to go to stay with family or friends.
  • During your recovery you may find yourself somewhat isolated due to being away from work and with a restricted social life. There are ways that you can keep in contact with friends.
  • Let your friends know where you are and how and when they can contact you before you have your surgery.
  • Remember that you will need time to rest (especially in the first few weeks after your surgery) and to do your rehab so it’s worthwhile try to plan your visitors.
  • If you like to use email to keep in contact with people make sure your computer and/or telephone socket are in an easily accessible place. A good solution is to buy a telephone extension cable (30 metre extension for under £10) and that way you can have internet access in the room of your choice. Even better is to get a wireless connection.