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Mr Phillip Woods

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Over the past three years I have been experiencing  increasingly frequent episodes of severe lower back pain, which I assumed was connected to previous surgery I had twenty years ago to fuse vertebrae in my lower back. It was beginning to affect my quality of life, but in January of this year, I slipped on Ice, landing heavily on my rear. Over the next few months I was in constant pain and found sitting at a desk, or standing stationary for more than a few minutes resulted in periods of debilitating pain, which took days to subside. Consequently I was confined to an easy chair at home, condemned to daytime TV.

On visiting my GP, whom I consider to be a friend, he referred me to Mr Choksey with a glowing recommendation. However, although I trust my GP’s judgement implicitly, I decided to research Mr Choksey.


On the Internet I certainly found quite a bit of material, and all of it was certainly impressive, but on asking around Mr Choksey’s name repeatedly came up when discussing ‘Back Problems’, and without fail the comments were unstinting in their praise.  Even more remarkable, I live in a small village where a number of the residents had been treated by him either privately or NHS and I could actually see the results of his work. This filled me with confidence.

I quickly had a consultation, where I had an initial examination and we discussed his thoughts on a preliminary diagnosis, to be confirmed after a CT and MRI Scan. I was accompanied by my wife and he explained the various scenarios that were possible. His manner is brilliant, carefully explaining his thinking, making us the focus of the discussion, and my welfare the focus of his attention.

After completing MRI and CT Scans, we quickly saw Mr Choksey for his confirmatory diagnosis of my problem. He explained clearly, in simple understandable language, the cause of my condition, as well as the options I had for treatment. The most favourable option for me was major surgery, and we were very impressed with his explanation of exactly what the operation entailed. This was accompanied by full discussions of the risks associated with the procedure and details of the number of times he had performed this operation (400+). Since my operation would entail the fusion of three vertebrae, using a metal structure and metal cages to support the fusion, and since I am an Engineer by profession, I could fully understand the mechanics of the structure which was explained in technical detail.  This lead me to appreciate the shear skill and expertise required to apply this structure to the human frame.

I can say we left the consultation filled with absolute confidence that Mr Choksey would sort my problem.
After a further consultation to confirm that I had time to consider, and that I understood fully what was proposed, I underwent the Surgery.
Four days after the op, I was home, three weeks later, I was ready to return to work part time. Now, six weeks later my life is almost back to normal, and we are off on a touring holiday.

I was told the operation would be long, and it was (5 1/2 hours), I would experience quite a lot of pain for many weeks. Well that was true, but the pain was well managed with drugs and got easier every day. No sign of the old debilitating pain.

The team Mr Choksey leads, from Secretary through Radiologist and Anaesthetist gave me first class treatment and a first class outcome. Mr Choksey is not only a truly outstanding Surgeon, but takes a holistic view of his patients, which means the patient comes first, and the successful outcome , the centre of his attention.

I cannot thank Mr Choksey enough for the kind, attentive and professional way he successfully solved my problem.

I would, without any reservation whatsoever, recommend anyone to his care. You would be in safe, careful and skilled hands.

Phil Woods