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Heather Daelman

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Following my recent Knee Surgery by Mr. J. Waite he, became very much aware of the intense pain I was in down my Left Leg and back. This gave me problems  walking (Mr Waite) sent me for an immediate MRI and Scan, upon reciept he said he would like Mr. Choksey to have a look at the scan for him to give me an accurate assessment of the problem at  this point I had not heard of Mr. Choksey.

An appointment was made and I met Mr Choksey, I found him to be very much to the point but a very deep understanding of my problem including the source and direction of the pain. He said the pain was caused by a cyst in the spine, I underwent surgery 30/03/2010 and I have absolutely no regrets and would firmly recomend Mr Munchi to anyone with similar problems in fact I have but ,this time to my sister whose son has significant pain  in walking to see if he can help I can only say I  feel very proud to have met this man.

I close offering Mr Choksey my very grateful thanks and all the luck to him for the future

My sincere regards to Mr Choksey.