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Michael D Frampton

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In January 2009 I fell from a ladder which slipped from under me. I was rushed to hospital where I was told the bad news “I had broken my back”. The only good news was that I had no evidence of nerve injury.

I was visited by Mr Choksey, who explained my injury and the possible options open to me. The first option, to treat my injury conservatively, would have meant a long period in bed and even longer in a body brace whilst it was hoped my vertebrae would fuse together. However there was a risk that the fractured vertebra would be too unstable. I said to Mr Choksey that all I wanted was my life back to normal and if there was a surgical option open to me then I wanted to take it. I remember the compassion Mr Choksey showed me and when he said that he would discuss this option with his team I knew it was the route I wanted to pursue, if it was offered to me, even if it meant several major surgical procedures. After discussing the case, their opinion was that the fractured vertebra was too unstable for conservative treatment and they supported the surgical option. I never thought that I would have been so pleased to be told I could have an operation. I recall having no reservations at all and totally trusted Mr Choksey even though there were risks. He inspired so much confidence and was prepared to trust me to do my part in the recovery. Under Mr Choksey, over the next few weeks, I underwent two major procedures. The first was to remove the shattered debris and fit titanium support rods to stabilise the spine. The second, performed via my abdomen was to insert a titanium implant to replace the shattered vertebra. In both cases I was walking and out of hospital in days and already putting everything I could into recovering my muscle tone and returning to normal activities. Both of these operations were an outstanding success due to his skill and commitment. During our conversations over this period Mr Choksey mentioned the possibility, if all went well, of removing some of the titanium that was initially fitted during the first operation. This he believed would enable me to regain some of the articulation of my spine. I held on to the belief that this should be my target. During the consultation following my second operation I raised the question of removing some of the titanium and after reviewing my scans he agreed to go ahead with it if I was keen to proceed. Such was my complete trust in both his skill and judgement that I jumped at the potential opportunity to improve my quality of life further.

In testimony to Mr Choksey’s knowledge, skill and dedication I can say that within two years of the accident, following three major procedures I had made a complete return to a normal life without any discomfort whatsoever. I still pursue a full recreational existence and such is the completeness of my recovery that I sometimes have to remind myself that the accident occurred at all.

Mr Munchi Choksey, you gave me what I asked for, thank you sincerely for your support, knowledge, skill, compassion and friendship. Please pass on my thanks to your support team who also made this possible. I also wish to thank Mr Choksey’s secretary, Lynn Smith who was so friendly and helpful to my family and I at a difficult time.

Michael D Frampton