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Robert Ayres

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On June 4th 2003 at about 10.30am my wife Rita fell down stairs and broke her neck paralysing her. She was taken to Coventry and Warwickshire hospital where they took several x-rays. The next morning my wife was transferred to Walsgrave Hospital for an MRI scan that's where I met Mr Choksey who decided to admit my wife to C 5 ward to oversee her care. Mr Choksey decided to operate on my wife when the spinal cord swelling had reduced which he carried out12days later. He removed the damaged disc from the spinal cord and a bone grraft then fitted a halo to prevent her moving her head and thereby causing permanent paralasys. My wife was told by Mr Choksey that she would walk after she regained her ability to move and learn to walk with the help of the physios. My wife was able to walk after being taught to and left hospital after 73 days and improved as she was determined to regain her life back.

On 12th .June 2014 my wife had a stroke after her new hip dislocated and I met Mr Choksey again who told me he would be operating immediately or else she would die. Mr Choksey told me he had a good team to help and I must sign the consent  form for the operation to go ahead. The operation was about 7hours so the hospital contacted my son to come to the hospital for me and then told us to go home and call later to see if we could see my wife after her operation. The operation took about 7hours 2 of our other children had arrived so we all went to the hospital to see my wife in intesive care. The day after the operation Mr Choksey came to I C U to see my wife and see how well she would be afterwards when she came out of the hospital. He said in his opinion she would walk out of the hospital she is working at regaining her balance as the stroke affected that part of her brain. I can only say thank you  for saving her life a second time.

Many thanks - Robert Ayres

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